What People Say

Center of Healing is committed to providing the industry's very best hemp extract products. Made in the USA by Colorado's Stanley Brothers, The World's Most Trusted Hemp Extract.

We believe that each individual can be helped with using these products to maintain good health, alternative choice to prescription medicine and a real solution to health problems. We support sharing the education, research to bring an awareness of the medical benefits of the Hemp Extract.

We are the voice for those suffering in silence. Those who feel like there are no options for their care. Parents who want to help their children with healthy, non-addictive supplements. Individuals who want to have a choice other than pharmaceuticals. Center of Healing is there for each person.

Dr. Vetanze BS,DC,CCEP,GPA certified

Former Team Chiropractor, Denver Broncos

I have used the CBD Clinic ointment exclusively for the last week and the feedback has been Awesome! The product is exceptional both used alone and in conjunction with laser therapy. My high profile athletes are very pleased with positive effects of CBD Clinic ointment. Thanks for making my job easier and more efficient.

Jake Plummer

Quarterback, Denver Broncos

I love the new CBD clinic ointment with Charlotte’s Web inside. I use it on my shoulder, lower back and any other sore area on my body. I love using it before I play handball as it seems to numb my achy muscles, sore joints. I also love how it smells and how quickly it alleviates soreness.

Duane Ludwig

Professional UFC Fighter

The CBD Clinic product is awesome! Both my wife and I use it and have noticed more of an effect then any anything in the past! Simply the best product that I have ever used!

Jerry S.

Vietnam Veteran

I was in the military for 20 years and have had numerous issues with my back and neck from my time in the service. I constantly lived in a dull nagging pain for the past 30 years. I took the Charlotte’s Web hemp extract 500 coupled with the Level 5 CBD CLINIC cream and I have full range of motion in my neck and most importantly – NO PAIN! Great product – highly recommend.

Josh Beaudry, DC

Life Springs Chiropractic in Denver.

“It’s nothing like I’ve ever used before. My patients are begging for it”.

Chef Jim T.

Dr. Bonnie G.
I am a patient of yours, and the last time I came in for an evaluation you gave me a sample of the level 3 CBD cream for my mending broken hand. I have been using this cream for about 3 weeks, twice a day. It's amazing! After the surgery they told me that it would take about 6-10 months for my hand to fully heal, and that it would be sore. They were not lying. I have a constant throbbing pain in my hand every day, all day; UNTIL I started using this amazing cream that you gave me. I rub it in, and after about 10-15 minutes the pain goes away; I have more flexibility and no constant throb. I am a Chef and use my hand to cut, chop, and do numerous other things. I can only imagine what the level 5 cream would do for my hand. This is a product that needs to be on the market for everyone. I can't thank you, or the person who made this product enough! The only issue that I have is what happens when I run out? Will this be available soon? Can I get more?
Please forward this to the person that manufacturers it, I need them to know that it is a phenomenal, worthwhile product. I understand that I am just one person, but how many people can benefit from this? Countless I imagine. Thank you so very much for giving me a sample. Like I said, my only issue is that I can't buy it on regular basis. I know so many people who would benefit from this product.
Thank you for your time, and everything that you do!
Chef Jim T.

Clint Morrow, DC

Morrow Chiropractic

It really works and my patients want it

Mark Schlereth

Denver Broncos offensive lineman

I use the CBD Clinic Pro Sport cream daily on all my joints before I work out or before I go to bed. I love the menthol heat of the product and it also seems to give me more range of motion and some pain relief when used. When you've abused yourself like I have, nothing gives you 100% relief but after 29 surgeries it has certainly helped me.

Trevor Wittman

Living the day to day grind as a MMA Coach requires consistency in the training room as the main training partner for your athlete/athletes. When training the best in the world there is no time off. Fighters take time off in between fights, but as a coach there is no time off. With this comes no recovery time. This has been the most grueling part as a coach dealing with the joint issues with my wrist, elbows and shoulders, on top of the pain with daily body conditioning involved with sharpening your athletes skills demanded by a coach. The one product I have found that has assisted me to a 20 year, 16 World Championship career is the CBD Clinic Deep Muscle & Joint Pain Ointment.

CBD CLINIC Users with Amazing Results:

- Rick Upchurch (Denver Broncos)
- Champ Bailey (Denver Broncos)
- Derrick Morgan (Tennessee Titans)
- Loren Landow (Athletic Trainer for NFL, NHL, UFC athletes)
- Cody Latimer (Denver Broncos)